A dynamic team of terrific personalities offering reliable service, integrity, and a great experience helping make your dreams become reality! 

Back row left to right: Sheri Soderquist - Commercial Lender, Scott Meyer - Consumer Lender, Brian Campbell - Mortgage, Judy Price - Consumer Lender, Joe Green - Commercial Lender, Dave Neale - Commercial Lender.

Front row left to right: Chuck Jerrick - Commercial Lender, Bonnie Schmitz - Consumer Lender, Jennifer Suit - Consumer and Mortgage, Joel Emerson - Mortgage, Julie Dodge - Mortgage.

Looking to finance a new vehicle? Contact Scott, Judy, Bonnie or Jennifer!

Want to make a home purchase or refinance? Contact Julie, Brian, Joel or Jennifer!

Working to expand your business or open a new one? Sheri, Joe, Dave and Chuck are your go-to's!