BeWise Advantage

Be Wise Advantage is a special overdraft privilege.  As long as you maintain your checking account in good standing, Be Wise Advantage overdraft privilege may provide you with a safety net up to the predetermined limit assigned to your account type.  Be Wise Advantage overdraft privilege is a non-contractual courtesy and requires no action on your part.  You can have this service removed at any time; however, you will be responsible for any overdrawn balance at that time.

Please note that the amount of the paid overdraft, plus the bank's Non Sufficient Funds fee of $30.00 per paid item will be deducted from the accounts overdraft limit.  Your account must be brought to a positive balance every 30 days for your continued participation in Be Wise Advantage.  First National Community Bank reserves the right to limit participation to one account per household or business and to discontinue this service without prior notice.